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Wednesday, November 30th 2022 @ 12:00PM EDT

If you're a fractional executive growing your business, this is for you.

I'm giving away my prospecting process. (it works)

My business is two years old. I still prospect for new clients.

I don't have a blog. Or a book. My website is 3 simple pages. I don't use the phone. I've never been good at selling myself.

But I sign a new client every 4 days.

This process gets me a new client every few days.

(Everyone who registers will receive the booklets, video replay link, and slides from this event.)

It's a step-by-step process you can do yourself. And most of it operates without paying attention to it.

So I can focus on giving and inviting.

Not pitching.

It's perfect for fractional executives looking for clients.

  • It's aimed at owners & C-suite execs on LinkedIn.
  • It's based on giving and inviting, never aggressive selling

If you hate bothering people, or procrastinate when you're supposed to be introducing yourself to strangers, and you're willing to try a respectful, creative approach, join this live event.

I'll show you every step in my process. Plus the tools I'm using today, examples and samples, and how to make the whole thing automatic, sustainable, and reliable.

You should register for this. If you implemented this now, you'd benefit all next year. 

P.S. You can talk to me directly, before the event. Click here.


Dean Waye

Dean Waye is a fractional senior copywriter for B2B clients. He launched his business 2 years ago. Since then, his work has been read by nearly 50 million people, writing for dozens of clients on every continent except Antarctica.

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